Toilet Frames, Bed Pans and Continence Products…

There are many items to make going to the toilet easier; such as raised toilet seats and frames to fit around the toilet which help you to go alone if possible. These come in height variations of 2”, 4” and 6”with lids or without and can be padded so that they are softer on your bottom or with arms attached to help you get up.

There are various toilet frames which are height and width adjustable to suit various bathrooms. Some have a toilet seat attached to raise the height of the seat and save your knees.

If you feel the need to have a commode in your bedroom or somewhere downstairs to save you going up and down stairs for the toilet there are a variety of commodes from a basic metal frame to luxury commodes that look like a piece of furniture, also folding commodes which can be kept out of sight.

There are also many small aids to help with your toileting needs such as urinals, bed pans and bottom wipers. Many people suffer with incontinence issues and going out and about can be unsettling and upsetting in case they have an accident.

We have a varied range of washable and disposable incontinence products.

There are stretch net pants and plastic pants which hold your pad in place and also pouch pants with a pocket that you can place the pad into.your bed dry.

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